In 1916

In 1916 things were a lot different than they are today

I know, you’re thinking, no shit Sherlock

But I’m talking really, REALLY different

It was the year that Gough Whitlam, Australia’s 21st Prime Minister was born

The Boston Red Sox won the world series

Australia’s money was measured in schillings and pence

The Wimbledon tennis championships were cancelled because of World War 1

Albert Einstein completed his theory of relativity, which included gravity

The first ever woman was elected to the US Congress

And Charlie Chaplin was earning an unprecedented $10,000 per week


Women wore this

And men dressed just as uncomfortably like this

And the world looked a lot like this

But in my humble opinion

The best thing to ever come out of 1916

Was a man named Ronald Pascoe

That’s him in the photo, sitting in the water


He went on to serve in the Australian Army in World War 2

And marry a beautiful young girl, Jeanie

More than 60 years later he’s still married to Jeanie

They’ve raised four children

They’re grandparents to eight kids

And at last count, are great-grandparents to 14

I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to have him & his wife at my wedding

But more than that

How proud I am to be his Granddaughter

Happy 93rd birthday Pop

I love you, and can’t wait to see you soon


  1. 1916 was a very good year, my mummy was born on June 27th that year, she too is still kicking on.

    Gorgeous photos. xx

  2. Oh, Jen…This is by far the BEST Blog yet!!! Absolutely a beautiful (and informative) Tribute to an obviously very loved & respected man! All the photos are PERFECT!

    HAPPY 93rd BIRTHDAY, “Pop”!

  3. Wow. What an impressive bloke and life!! Hope your pop knows how much his famous granddaughter loves him – I can certainly vouch for it! (She talked about you heaps while she was here!!)

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