random brain farts

OK, so I decided to do a blog

Then sat here & thought…

About umm…

And then….well


Fuck all really

My mind is all over the shop

So maybe I should just post in bullet form

To appease the ADD I seem to be afflicted with today



  • Cheerleading. I was more than a little gutted when both my girls decided that this was THE only sport they wanted to partake in. Every week that I take them to class, I die a little inside. And the other mothers, oh yeah….we’re SO ALIKE. Fuck those women are hard work. They yell at their kids, screaming out their moves and telling them when to kick, jump, yell ‘yay team’. It does my head in. On a positive note, Macaroni & Magoo totally suck at it. Here’s hoping they get asked ‘in a *gentle, PC way, to maybe take break & take up chess, or lawn bowls. (*back when I was a kid and went to violin lessons with my brother, I was told, after one class, not to come back as I had the rhythm of an epileptic goat. And ballet classes…at least I lasted 3 classes before being told to leave & find a more appropriate sport/hobby. Like wrestling.
  • Diamond & I are going for a quick trip away next month. We are currently *debating (*he’s being a stubborn prick, and I’m not going unless I get my way) over what activities to book for our holiday. His picks: bone fishing, deep sea fishing, fly fishing (are you seeing the theme here?) or light tackle fishing. My picks: reading, sleeping, massages, lots of drinks with umbrellas in them. I’m sure there’s a compromise in there somewhere. Or I’m going without him
  • Clean out. I have come to the conclusion that I may have been a hoarder. 3 couches, 2 TVs, 1 bed, 13 garbage bags of clothes, 15 boxes of crap and God knows what else, have been ditched or donated in the last week. Do I feel better? No. I feel like shopping
  • Chocolate. Chocolate is my friend. Forever
  • I check the mail box every day. Still no necklace from Oprah. Maybe she’ll deliver it personally? Note to self: don’t eat all the chocolate, you may be having visitors
  • It’s day 10 of the new year, and so far, I have not broken ONE of my resolutions. I’ve discovered that that’s a piece of piss to do when you don’t make any. Yay me.
  • Mum & Dad will be here in 2 weeks. They’re babysitting while Diamond & I are away. This makes me nervous. Mum, I know from experience, will be fine. Dad, well…we might have to get him his own babysitter. That provides hooch & booze.
  • The Xbox Kinect is getting an absolute thrashing at our place and was definitely the winning pressie this Christmas. Diamond loves the handgliding, Macaroni is a bit of a jet at the volleyball, Magoo is fucking scary at boxing. And I’m on the bench due to an injury. I broke a nail getting the snacks yesterday.
  • 75 sleeps ’til my birthday. I want a new bum. Preferably like Jennifer Anniston’s. Back when she was in ‘Friends’
  • If David Beckham keeps wearing his hair like this, Posh can have him. Plus, she’s knocked up again. And I find the thought of his penis poking her skeletal vajay-jay, quite the turn off
  • I watched Jersey Shore for the first time yesterday. I liked it. This is proof that I need to get back to work. STAT.
  • 347 days till Christmas.

That is all.


  1. I have a few suggestions for you, probably useless but who cares, I’m stuck at home because of all the rain and disastrous floods in Queensland so have to feed my own ADD somehow!!!!

    1. Ditch the XBox Kinect and buy a Wii, they have this fantastic Cheerleading game, then the girls can practice to their heart’s content and you don’t have to leave home or put up with those bitchy competitive mothers. Or let Magoo become a champ at the boxing and she can take care of them for you!!!!

    2. Tell Diamond that if he doesn’t go where you want for the holiday, he’s not getting any, works for me every time.

    3. Good for you on the New Year resolutions, why set yourself up for failure?? Only one for me, have the best year possible FOR ME!!!! Fuck the rest of them.

    4. I’m not having any more birthdays, I’ve had enough already thank you very much, there must be some little kid out there who would like to take mine….. sorted!!!!

    5. Congrats to mum and dad on the anniversary, looking good baby!!! Not many of us left who can put up with the same person for that long.

    6. LOL to the David Beckham line, paints a horrible picture though.

    7. Chocolate is my friend forever.

    Hope 2011 is a great one for us all. xxxx

  2. I need a holiday and LOVE drinks with little umbrellas…GO FISHING DIAMOND, I’ll hang with Jen! 🙂 HAPPY ANNIVERSARY K & B…Hope it was as special as the day you said, “I do”. xxx

    TCMF is in full swing here at The Robertson Hotel and here I am, sneaking in a Jen-fix! Enjoy the Chicago gig…you can promise them a necklace too… 🙂

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