I’m sure a lot of you are familiar with the name Jessica Watson

Especially the Aussies reading this

She’s 16 years old

And has just spent 210 days at sea (in her pink boat)



Sailing solo around the world

Yeah, that’s right


They say it’s not a world record

As they don’t keep records for under 18s

To discourage nutjob parents from chucking their kids in a boat and saying, see ya!

In the hopes of fame & recognition and getting their kids taken away from them

I gotta say

Sailing doesn’t appeal to me

Sailing by myself would frighten me

Being on a boat for 210 days would scare the living shit out of me

In which case I would no doubt die of fright

Meaning, I would shit myself so bad

I would drown in it

How embarrassing

So yeah, no solo sailing efforts for this little land duck

But this kid Jessica


And she seems so together

One of the best quotes from her, that’s been repeated in most of the articles I’ve read is

If your parents give you the freedom for little adventures,  you can go on to have big adventures

I am completely ordinary. I just put a lot of effort in, had a great team around me and I think that goes to show you don’t have to be anyone special to achieve something big. You just have to want it

I say she’s anything but ordinary

There’s no way I would be that humble about such a major achievement

I’d be all hanging off the front of the boat screeching out the theme to the Titanic

Yelling, where my sailors at?

Can a bitch get her some SAILORS??

Then I’d totally release a calendar with all the sailors

And I’d….oh wait, where was I?

Ahem….oh yeah

This kid makes me proud to be an Aussie

While simultaneously making me nervous as a mum

I’m keeping mine away from water, just in case they get any crazy ideas

No more baths

They can consider it an early Christmas present

And Jessica?


You BLOODY beauty!!


  1. Yes – she is THAT and more… what a young woman! Please god let the media leave her alone now to adjust… cause if sailing solo for 210 day is not enough to drive you crazy, insane editors sending their cameramen to shoot footage of you (at night) eating at a restaurant sure will! *deep breath*

    Most of Australia is busting with pride today… she’s a bloody little beauty.

  2. Oi! Oi! Oi! What a couragious young woman! 20 minutes on the bay and I’m over the side. The best thing about sailing is…is…hmmm…watching someone else do it! On ya’ Jess!

  3. Fantastic post about a fantastic girl. Well done I say. We followed her website daily & were so amazed. My 80+ year old Dad watched her every day too. I’d phone him each night & he’d talk about Jesse as though she was his own. He was, as all us kiwi’s are, mighty proud. I ordered Jessica’s book for Dad & he sadly didn’t get to read it as he passed away before it arrived.
    Again, fanbloodytastic writeup Jenny.
    p.s your blog is the bees knees.

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