are we learning something yet?

I love eavesdropping

Like, I REALLY like it A LOT

I think we’ve established that

Not sure what that says about me

Oh wait, yeah I do

Sad, can’t mind my own business, get a life

Yeah, yeah

I mean, I know it’s not a good thing sometimes

And there’s every chance you’ll end up hearing something you don’t want to hear

Remember THIS ONE?

And then other times it can be educational


Well today it was just funny

Quick question first:

Is it even eavesdropping if you’re listening in on your own kids?

In your own house?

Even if they’re in THEIR toy room?

With the door closed?

Get back to me on that couldya?

So the girls are the toy room

They wanted to watch a movie

I said, SURE

They said, YAY

I said, after you clean your toy room


Then they went in, shut the door and did not start to clean

After a while, I hear them yelling

Miss 6: You are NOT helping clean up

Miss 4: I don’t want to

Miss 6: You HAVE to

Miss 4: You are NOT THE BOSS OF ME

Miss 6: You know, at school they teach us to treat people the way YOU want to be treated. And right now, you’re not treating me very nicely. Is that how you want me to treat you?

Miss 4: I don’t CARE.

Miss 6: You need to LEARN things. You don’t want to end up a dummy do you? I can help you if you let me TEACH you. You know that Daddy taught me that we should work as a TEAM. We’ll get everything done faster.

Miss 4: Well Daddy taught me that I can do ANYTHING if I try hard enough. And I am trying very hard to NOT clean up

Miss 6: Well you know what Mummy taught me?

Miss 4: What?

Miss 6: She taught me that if we don’t be good – we don’t get good things. So if we don’t clean our toy room, we don’t get to watch a movie

Miss 4: Well  you know what Mummy taught me?

Miss 6: What?

Miss 4: To chew with my mouth closed.

Aaaannd to always wipe from front to back

At this point Miss 6 storms off….huffing and puffing

And her sister keeps yelling out from the toy room

And she taught me to pick my nose with a TISHEEEEWWWW!

And to wash my hands after I scratch my bum A LOOOOOOT!

And that I have to wear underwear to SCHOOOOOOL!

And to not let the dog sniff my PEEEE PEEEEE!

And to…..


That kid is so fucking funny

She’d be twice as funny if she was YOUR kid!


  1. You should teach a few adults the finer points of hand washing…I’m sickened by my observations in the public toilets…Ewww!

    Gotta’ love those conversations…Chalk ‘n Cheese are a great combo to keep life interesting…:)

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