mother’s day 2013

What…you guys are only just celebrating today?

Mum & I got our Mother’s Day on a couple of weeks ago

And my UK buds took care of business back in MARCH!

Nah, just fucking with ya

I realise that Mother’s Day is celebrated at different times all over the world. Which is perfect if you forgot to send your Mum a card this year. Just tell her you were waiting to celebrate Czechoslovakia’s Mother’s Day. (they have mothers there, yeah?)

If you’re like me, and don’t live anywhere near your Mum, we just mark the occasion on whatever day we are together

So while we were in Sydney, we decided our day off would be Mothers Day, and we’d catch the ferry into the city, have a long lunch
Then do some drunk shopping
On the ferry ride there, Mum said, so this river we’re on the is Parramatta River, and the local football team is called the Parramatta Eels, so that’s because there’s actual EELS in this water?
Wow, that’s pretty cool.
Not as cool as the rivers in Newcastle. THEIR footy team is the Newcastle Knights.
Knights? So there’s actual Knights in that area?
Yep, with horses and swords and all that stuff
Wow. How cool would it be to see that?

Oh, Betty.

She’s so gullible sometimes, I almost don’t have the heart to tell her I was fucking with her. Again.

Maybe that can be my Mother’s Day present to her…

Next year.

I’m so lucky to have a Mum that I love spending time with, and who never fails to make me laugh. Even if she doesn’t know why.
I’m pretty sure she inherited that trait from her Mum, my Nanna
She’s the other unintentionally hilarious woman in the family
I’m so proud to be related to both of them

Whether your Mum is here on earth
Or one of the brightest stars in the sky
Wishing you all, a day full of belly laughs and big smiles
Happy Mothers Day

poor betty…not.

We left for Darwin this morning at stupid o’clock

Like, OMG the-only-time-I-get-up-this-early-is-when-I-wet-the-bed-for-fuck’s-sake, type early

Got all our gear loaded up and ready to go

It’s pretty cool knowing that nearly all this week’s Northern Territory shows are sold out…HUZZAH!

The one thing that made leaving this morning hard other than the fur growing on my tongue 

Was saying goodbye to Betty Mum

It felt weird going on tour without her

I mean, we’ll be fine – we have Heiny with us for this trip

Who is seriously, the only other person on the planet, who could rival Mum in the “hygiene Hannah – I MUST do laundry every-fucking-day” stakes

And she doesn’t drink, which is totally fucking weird but we love her anyway so I’ll be going solo on this trip, with no drinking buddy thanks for THAT Mum

But don’t feel bad about us leaving Betty behind

She’s on her way to Bali with all her softball girlfriends, for their annual ‘girl’s week’ of cocktails and crazy

Only this time it may be even worse

Because for the first time in 17 years

They’re going over as GRAND FINAL WINNERS!

Oh, yes they are

Hurricane Carine Cats Legends C Grade Premiers

Is about to hit Indonesia

So, we’ll miss her, but I’m pretty sure we’ll still be able to hear her from here





field trip to fielding

The drive to Fielding today was spec-tac-u-lar!!

With some of the best scenery we’ve seen so far this tour

And not just because I was actually awake for this car trip

My jaw wasn’t just dropping from the postcard views out my window either

The conversation inside the car was pretty mind blowing too


Yeah, she’s back with a vengeance


Mum: Wow, look at all the windmills…they are everywhere!

Dad: It’s a good thing

Mum: What are they used for anyway? Is it for electricity or something?

Dad: What, are you stupid? Everyone knows what windmills are for


I thought that’s what they were for too – but then I saw Dad’s face in the rear view mirror and realised he was totally fucking with her

It’s one of our favourite things to do on tour

Mum: I thought it was like an environmental thing, you know to save power and stuff

Dad: Jesus, everyone knows what windmills are for

They’re to create a sea breeze Betty, a SEA BREEZE


Mum: Oh, well now I know then too don’t I?


I have definitely inherited Mum’s brains

‘Cause Dad still has his