she’s back

It been a while since she last shared a pearler with us

But never fear, she’s back


Over dinner tonight:

Me: I heard Def Leppard are coming to Australia

Mum: Why would anyone want to go and see someone called Deaf Leper?


Mum: Whatever…I heard he’s not very good anyway

And speaking of not very good, have you seen that new movie?

Me: Which movie?

Mum: The one with that Itlalian girl…umm…what’s her name..??

Me: What’s the movie called ?

Mum: Umm…oh yeah…Grey Goose?

Me: I haven’t heard about that one

Mum: It has that skinny little girl in it….Natalie Portafino

Me: Do you mean Natalie Portman?

Mum: Yes! That’s her….did you see it? It’s very weird

Me: I think you mean Black Swan Mum.


Feel free to send help.



  1. My mum has made similar slip ups.
    My fave = When she first heard the song “G-6”, asked the question “How can you fly like a cheese stick?”
    Bless her 🙂

  2. Fly like a cheese stick XD

    My friends mum heard the movie name Brokeback Mountain and thought that’s where I was from. I lived in Broken Hill -_-;

  3. I would send help, but apparently you’re not allowed to send live ammo through the post… sorry 🙁

    Mum: I think he also has a couple of those Haagen Dazs watches for sale as well if you want me to ask what he wants for them…

    Me: Do you mean Tag Heuer mum?

    Mum: Oh yes!


  4. Def Leppard are AMAZING!!! You really need to go and see them!Saw them last time they were in Edinburgh and cant’ wait til they come back! See if Joe will do a duet with ya LOL

  5. Jen, look after ya mum…..treasure every moment you spend with her. My mum died of Cancer a few years back………still miss her dearly, she was awesome !!!!

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