mummy’s here

Having kids when your family is on the other side of the world sucks sometimes

I’m close to my family in Australia

And wanted them to be a big part of my kids lives as well

I worried that my Mum & Dad would be strangers to them, whenever they DID see them

And that they wouldn’t even know my brother at all

Well, I needn’t have worried

Because when the girls DO get to see my family

It’s non-stop





Mum arrived yesterday

She’s going to supervise the prisoners watch the kids while Diamond & I run away from home go on vacay

And the girls are showing NO signs that they’re going to miss us

“When are you LEAVING?”

“Why are you 2 still HERE?”

“Shouldn’t you be going to the AIRPORT?”

So yeah, they can’t wait for us to go

To have Nanna to themselves

To see what they can get away with

Um, I already know the answer to that



And it’s all good

‘Cause although they may not have seen their Nanna for 6 months

They ADORE her

And she’s a HUGE part of their life


No Poppy on this trip though

He’s parole officer won’t let him travel overseas working

Plus we really have to limit the kids exposure to him

And as far as letting him be around them to teach them dirty words when I’m not here to keep him in line

What am I fucking stupid?

Not happening!

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