mother’s day 2013

What…you guys are only just celebrating today?

Mum & I got our Mother’s Day on a couple of weeks ago

And my UK buds took care of business back in MARCH!

Nah, just fucking with ya

I realise that Mother’s Day is celebrated at different times all over the world. Which is perfect if you forgot to send your Mum a card this year. Just tell her you were waiting to celebrate Czechoslovakia’s Mother’s Day. (they have mothers there, yeah?)

If you’re like me, and don’t live anywhere near your Mum, we just mark the occasion on whatever day we are together

So while we were in Sydney, we decided our day off would be Mothers Day, and we’d catch the ferry into the city, have a long lunch
Then do some drunk shopping
On the ferry ride there, Mum said, so this river we’re on the is Parramatta River, and the local football team is called the Parramatta Eels, so that’s because there’s actual EELS in this water?
Wow, that’s pretty cool.
Not as cool as the rivers in Newcastle. THEIR footy team is the Newcastle Knights.
Knights? So there’s actual Knights in that area?
Yep, with horses and swords and all that stuff
Wow. How cool would it be to see that?

Oh, Betty.

She’s so gullible sometimes, I almost don’t have the heart to tell her I was fucking with her. Again.

Maybe that can be my Mother’s Day present to her…

Next year.

I’m so lucky to have a Mum that I love spending time with, and who never fails to make me laugh. Even if she doesn’t know why.
I’m pretty sure she inherited that trait from her Mum, my Nanna
She’s the other unintentionally hilarious woman in the family
I’m so proud to be related to both of them

Whether your Mum is here on earth
Or one of the brightest stars in the sky
Wishing you all, a day full of belly laughs and big smiles
Happy Mothers Day


  1. Unintentionally hilarious seems to be an awesome skill many mothers get, mine included. It’s hard being away from Mum on Mother’s Day (although Syd-Melb is not as far as Chicago-Perth!) but your idea of celebrating whenever we’re together is a great one 🙂 Shall take inspiration from you and do that from now on!

  2. Well Jenny at a little after 3am Australia time (watching the English FA Cup final, halftime).
    I wish you a fantastic Mother’s Day, filled with lots of love, presents and good times. Glad you got the chance to spend time with your Mum and celebrate.
    My Mum has been a “twinkling star” for almost 30 years now, never had too many adult Mother’s Days with her.
    To all the Mums no matter were you are have a great day. xxx

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