these boots were made for walkin’

Update from the road…
The Victoria tour started on the 12th August
Although, I’m knot sure why we’re calling it the Victoria tour
‘Cause we’ve done 2 shows in New South Wales
And now we’re in Tasmania?

My brain hurts

Anyhoo….the FIRST week of the tour was mainly in Victoria
As well as two completely fabulous NSW shows
We’ve had quite possibly the cutest backstage visitors ever backstagebuds
Both of whom declined my offer to come home with me
Maybe they weren’t happy with the inside of my suitcase?

We’ve been lucky enough to work alongside some of the coolest crew in the industry And make us feel so welcome at every venue we’ve performed at on this tour
They keep the fans happy
They keep us safe
They make our jobs easierhallamhotel2014
And they don’t roll their eyes when I ask for more ice in my wine
It’s like the perfect working relationshiop

And then we’ve gotten the opportunity to catch up with some fan/friends that have been with us almost as long as we’ve been doing this
I think if you’re a fan, that’s turned into a friend you should have a special name
Meet Carol and James, who first came to see Dad perform back in 1992 when they lived in Scotland
They’ve been coming to shows since before *I* have been coming to shows
And they are one of our favourite things to see when we come to Melbourne
James and Carol are fan/friends
I think now we should call them FRANS
Yes! FRANS!!jamescarol
Even if they do bring out our best fugly faces FRANS do that.

It’s been a huge first week 7 shows in 8 days
Lots of travel
And late night petrol station snacksmelbourne

I feel beyond fortunate to do what I love
And much of the time, do it with my family parentspatch
And spend time with people I love (that’s Patch…we’ve been buds since high school!)

It’s full on
And we get some shut eye/rest when we can
But you won’t hear any complaints heresoundcheck
We love what we do
And love performing for you
Thanks to those who come out to shows and allow us to do what we do


Although it’s not always wine and roses
Or diet Sprite and rice cakes
We do sometimes have bad days
Last week I had to say goodbye to one of my most treasured road companions
They’ve been with me a few years now
They’ve been polished, fixed, re-soled and glued ’til they could be repaired no more
I had to send them to the big brown shoebox in the sky
And promptly replaced them with the most similar ones I could find
Because change is…
It’s been tough
But with faith and prayer wine and chocolate, I am getting through it
One step (in my new shoes) at a time

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jenny does japan, day two (part 1)

Our week in Japan for MateRock went so fast, and was full-on times a bazillion. I didn’t get time to blog on the trip, because I was lazy and drunk a lot so I’m going to break it down over a few blogs, before I forget everything…

I woke up feeling ready & raring to go
Only to be told that we were going to the lake for a swim
No bathers in public for this lumpy chicky babe
But we were promised the view alone was worth the trip

And yes it was

Surrounded by mountains in every direction

We decided to enjoy the view from the comfort of a paddle boat

Disguised as a pink gorilla

That’s how the classy tourists roll

We kept out distance from the others

Only because the one time we ventured close to their game or water-rugby-played-on-floating-pontoons

We got splashed big time and ended up with wet bums

Boys are such arseholes so silly sometimes

Then we felt a bit sorry for Dad

He had been in the toilet for over an hour and missed out on coming out on our ride

So we paddled back to him and offered him a ride in our homosexual Magilla Gorilla

He declined, homophobe

And opted for a phallic symbol canoe instead

There a fewer things that look more wrong than Dad, in a canoe, on a lake in Japan, rowing himself around in circles

But even more entertaining?

His dismount

Which started with a bit or reverse parking

And backseat driving from Mum

I could’ve helped them

But wanted to make sure I had the camera ready to go in case either one of them landed in the drink

Which is exactly what they’d do to me were the situation reversed

All together now….We. Are. fucked in the head Family.

Poor little pet had quite the sweat going on once he got to dry land

But wait, there’s more….but not yet ’cause I need to restring my guitars. Or find someone I can pay to do it for me.