conversations in the car

Dad: I bought some new albums from iTunes last night

Mum: That’s very technomological of you

Dad: I just can’t work out how I paid for them

I am rolling my eyes

Mum: Well they can’t be free can they?

My eyes are about to fall out of my head

Dad: Dunno, it didn’t ask me for any money

I can’t help myself at this point

Me: Dad, I set you up an iTunes account over a year ago. It’s linked to Mum’s credit card. Every time you buy a song or album from iTunes, Mum’s credit card gets charged for it

Dad: Really? Cool – I’m going back online to buy shitloads more now

Mum: You’re welcome

I know this conversation is not overly weird to you

Please keep in mind that we have this SAME conversation on EVERY tour

And every tour Dad gets excited at the thought of shopping with Mum’s credit card

And every time Mum says you’re welcome

Does this mean they’re getting old?

Is this like the first sign?

I don’t reckon I have to start worrying about them until they start to smell like powdered milk

And wet farts


  1. Ha ha ha, very funny, but my story’s worse. We’re in the caravan for the weekend and my old man gets up at 3:30am. Then I hear this

    Tap tap whirr DING
    Tap tap whirr DING (Sigh)
    Tap tap whirr DING
    @#!%$^# Tap tap…..

    ME: WTF are you doing?
    HIM: I’m trying to heat up my wheat bag and I can’t get this %$#@&^% microwave to go for 3 minutes.
    ME: Well maybe if you added a couple of zeros after the 3 that might help!
    HIM: Oh……. tap tap tap

    HIM: (5 minutes later) Are you awake?
    ME: Yes sweetie (that’s not really what I said but you get the idea)
    HIM: I put my donger in and nothing happened.
    ME: I’m sorry you’re having a problem honey but can we discuss this some other time, like when I’m awake!
    HIM: What??? No not that, I’m trying to get on the internet and I can’t get my donger to work.
    ME: %$@*%$#^$@!&*^$%!@#$

    30 minutes later, after I have set up the connection for him, shown him how to get on EBay and opened his Email because he couldn’t find that either and finally got back to sleep…

    Tap tap tap whirr DING
    HIM: What? My wheat bag’s gone cold on me.

    It’s not the only thing honey!!!

    I reckon it’s either the aged home for him or the mental home for me. Either one sounds good at the moment.


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