matata monsters

So we stopped for ice-cream today

We’ve actually stopped for ice-cream every day this tour

It’s Dad’s favourite food any time

But in New Zealand, where they make THE best ice-cream in the world?

It’s become a daily part of his diet

Hokey Pokey is the official flavor for this tour

Mum & I don’t usually join in the ice-cream-after-brekky ritual

Yes, Dad’s holding two cones today

What are you, a detective?

I said we don’t USUALLY

Mum said ‘no thanks’ today

But offered to hold Dad’s for him while he buckled up his seat belt

Then she proceeded to eat half of it

While I was waiting for Dad in the car

I was wondering how to pronounce the town name, MATATA

Was it like Matata, as in “Hakuna Matata” from the Lion King

Or like matata, as in “My bra strap is busted and now ‘my ta-tas‘ are swinging in the breeze”?

These are the things that keep me awake at night

So I look out the window

At another speccy NZ view

Then I see this

See it?

Look closer

Squint at the screen, that should help

Allow me to you use the crappy zoom on my baby camera

Got it now?

Dudes, that is totally the Loch Ness Monster

Or some old tyres thrown in the lake

No wonder they can’t find the fucker in Scotland


  1. So that’s why my Scottish cousin hasn’t found it 🙂 I’ll tell her she’s looking in the wrong place 😀

  2. Being a total Ice Cream connoisseur…NOT! What is HOKEY POKEY – beside a dance? Aawk! It’s obviously worth a trip to New Zealand when even the Loch Ness Monster travels so far in search of the NZ Hokey Pokey treasure. I would probably go the Hot Chocolate!

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