one down

One week down

Three more to go

And if they’re all like this week

This tour is not only going to fly by

It’s going to be awesome

The drive’s are better than normal

Thanks to the spectacular scenery in this part of the world

The shows are so much fun

Thanks to the shit hot crowds

I haven’t been to this part of NSW since I released THE BLONDE LEADING THE BLONDE album

So it’s cool playing those songs to people for the first time

I’ve gotta say, one of the biggest responses (big meaning LOUD)

Has come when I’ve included the parody from FUCK IT UP FRIDAY


Yeah, that one’s going over H-U-G-E

Obviously my subtle opinions are shared by some of you

Maybe I should go into politics


best nanna ever

My 2 girls & my brother’s 3 boys are such lucky kids

Not only do they get me for a Mum/Aunty


They have, in my humble (& always right) opnion

The best Nanna in the planet

The fun Nanna

The giggly Nanna

Who has more energy that all her grandkids combined

She invented the SILLY

She spoils them rotten

There’s no other kiss in the world, like Nanna’s kiss

This Nanna has the biggest and best laugh. Ever.

Best smile

She’s great at playing games

Going to the beach

These kids are so lucky that she’s theirs

And their Poppy’s not too bad either!

So from me

And your super-dooper lucky grandkids

Have a wonderful birthday Mum/Nanna

Hope you like the photos!

I found some other ones too…

But they were more about red wine that grandkids I think…

(this was the tamest one I found!)



Even better than the homemade cards and all the gorgeous gifts that came with them

Mum’s oldest, dearest & closest friend, who has been battling cancer & undergoing chemo

Found out today that her tumor is 100% GONE!

So yeah, this will go down as Mum’s best birthday ever

We love you Mrs Bailey!!

In the words of the Sting song, “….I’m so happy that I, can’t stop crying. I’m laughing through my tears…”

That pretty much sums up Mum’s day

And that doesn’t even take into account the sorta night off we ended up having tonight

After the power went out completely in Ulludulla and we had to stop the show one song into Dad’s set

Back to the hotel, in the dark

Celebrating in style

The light in this photo was brought to you by Mum’s birthday candles

And HOLLY’S glow in the dark vibrator