rural nsw tour

I’m here!

I made it!

I know you’re excited, right?

OK, maybe I’M just the excited one

You’re all dancing on the inside

I can tell

Started this trip in Chicago by getting hit on by a 40+ year old dude at the oversized luggage counter

That’s where I have to check in my guitar

Not my arse, like I KNOW you were thinking

My guitar,  when in it’s road case, TOTALLY looks like a coffin

And is too big to go with my suitcase

Luggage man was a real smoothy

If you like your boys sweaty, balding, & with a speech impediment

In fairness, he didn’t have many teeth….so the lisp wasn’t really his fault


I was enjoying his flattery

“…you thmell good…..I like the black thripe in your hair…

But he lost me at “….I’ve alwayth been attracted to the older lady-eeth”

I was like, DUDE, you are soooo older than me

And he gave me a wink and said, “…oh, of courth I am thweetheart!!…” chuckle chuckle


Then I had 2 po-faced grumpy bums sitting next to me for the San Francisco to Sydney flight

That, when I asked if I could squeeze past them to go the toilet

They did a big eye roll, exaggerated sigh, and said,  “I hope this won’t happen the whole flight!”

So I proceeded to drink my large bottle of water, 2 orange juices, a hot chocolate & 3 cups of tea

I got up no less than SIX TIMES to wee!

And it made them grumpier

Which gave me 13+ hours of amusement


I’m in Sydney now

Obviously Australian Immigration hadn’t been in contact with UK Immigration

‘Cause they let me in no worries

I think it was the sticker on my suitcase that made all the difference

Waiting for the rest of the crew to arrive

Then we’re driving to Towradgi

Where the first show is tomorrow night

It’s a busy little tour this one

Taking us all over

We’re going to:

So, for all our NSW mates – we’re looking forward to seeing you guys soon

It’s been too long!

I haven’t changed a bit

Well, I do have a new album since I was last here

And I’m definitely cuter

Make that HOTTER

Yeah, I’m hotter

It’s a curse


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