the life & rhymes of dad

For those of you that didn’t already know


It’s his biography

He, and his great mate Gavin Miller, have been working on it for a long time

And even though I already know the story


It’s fucking awesome

I’m not just saying that ’cause Dad reads my blog

It really is a brilliant read

And I’m so proud of how it’s turned out

Today – the first copy arrived

And we were all so excited

But no one, and I mean NO FUCKING ONE

Was more excited than Dad

He woke up 2 hours early

Got straight in the car

And wanted to leave

The publishers had sent his copy to Goulburn, where we’re playing tonight

And I thought my kids could do my head in on car trips with their, “….are we THERE yet?” bullshit

But Dad took the fucking CAKE today I tell ya

“Are we THERE yet?”

“Are we there YET?”


And when we finally did arrive, he didn’t even wait for the car to come to a complete stop at the motel

He got out

He ran straight into recception

And there it was!

Like a kid at Christmas

He’s lucky he didn’t lose a finger he was in such a hurry to rip into it

I know the photos are crap & video would have been better

But it was a really cool moment

So much work has gone into this book

Into telling Dad’s story

And an amazing story it is

But just in case he forgot….he sat down & read it again

You can CLICK ON THIS LINK if you want to order a copy

You’ll love it

And not just because he says nice things about me

OK, maybe a little bit ’cause of that!


  1. yayyyyyyy im so fricken excited, ill be ordering me a cop of that, i can’t wait to read it! Congratulations Kev

  2. Too (Bloody) Cool for School!!!
    Congrats to Kev and Gav. (Are there any more ocker names than that? heh)
    Loved the photo essay… captured the excitement really well!

  3. Congrats. The most political incorrect, funny, proud Aussie around. You deserve all the credit. A real insperation. Hope you have them on sale at the shows.

  4. HUGE CONGRATULATIONS! What a read it will be…LOVE the pic with Betty’s hand on Kev’s shoulder…such Warm Pride! Love it!

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