Last weekend we had a party to celebrate Mrs Macaroni turning 7

October being the month of Halloween and all

She was psyched to have a Halloween themed party

It’s always been her favourite holiday

And Diamond being a big ol’ kid

And a HUGE Halloween fan, was doubly psyched

The biggest problem was getting the 2 of them to rein it in

And not make it too scary

The last thing I needed was a bunch of six & seven year old kids running around scared shitless in my house

Mrs Macaroni wanted dead bodies & skeletons

Diamond wanted decorations that jumped out at the kids….and bled


So I was able to talk them into going easy on the blood & gore

It was a compromise really

If they didn’t tone their shit down

The party was cancelled

See? Compromise!

All the kids came dressed in costumes and were SOOOO CUTE!

No really, not even being a smart arse here….they were ADORABLE


They were all so well behaved

And played the games together

Had fun

Just a really sweet time

Without me having to slip any crack in their cupcakes

Kind of makes me want to have more babies

But whenever I bring up the subject MY HUSBAND PRETENDS HE CAN’T HEAR ME

I was so exhausted once they all left

I passed out

I may have had a bottle of wine first

Which is not so bad

If they’d have been arseholes

It would have been two

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  1. Woooooooooooooo how fun!!! Bit late off the mark this year, but sending BIG Happy Birthday wishes to Mrs. Macaroni! I just can’t believe she is 7!!! Another kid would be a nice addition to the 3 (Ahem) that you already have…HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISHES, Miss 7! What a COOL GHOUL Party! You can be my Mum in another life…

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