no more cactus

Been missing me?

Yeah,  I didn’t think so

I realised that I’ve been spending all this time on TWITTER

And farting around on FACEBOOK

That I haven’t been being a very good blogger

Sorry ’bout that peeps!

Good news though

You can leave your comment here on the blog page now, WITHOUT having to log in

Total spontaneous commenting

Bring it!



The tour’s still going great

Three shows to go

Tonight we’re in Gladstone

It’s always a good time here

It’s a great town on the coast here in Queensland

One of things I’m looking forward to tonight, is meeting a fellow blogger

She lives with her family in Queensland, and is making the trip tonight to se the show

Her blog name is BUSH BABE

And her site is always a great read

I love going there to get a good dose of Australiana

Well written, with fantastic photography

A lot like my bog really

Except Bush Babe’s  doesn’t have dick pictures photos are well taken

There’s no sarcastic bitchiness

Or excessive use of the word fucktard

Other than that – our blogs are EXACTLY the same

Bush Babe is a top lady too, so I’m looking forward to meeting her face to face

That’s if she’s still talking to me after seeing me perform LIVE

Finger’s crossed!


Also had time this trip to catch up with another great mate of ours


Cactus (who, when she 1st met Dad, was given a choice between the nick names KILLER or CACTUS PUBES, ’cause Dad is a nut job does that to everyone) started working with Dad over 20 years ago

When I was a kid back then touring with Dad, she was my surrogate big sister

I may, or may not have had my first cigarette & alcoholic drink (ever) with her as a kid

So it’s fair to say that she’s probably at least partly to blame for me turning into a shithead part of the reason I turned out so awesome like this


She’s gone on to have great success in the industry, and without going thru her whole resume, I’ll just tell you that her current project is, wait for it…


This has led to Miss 4 to now refer to her as MY FAVOURITE AUNTY CACTUS IN THE WORLD!

So, we’ve had 2 days off on this tour

And we spent both of them with Cactus

It’s rare that we get to see mates anywhere other than at the shows when we’re touring

So to catch up TWICE, on DAYS OFF?

Man, the odds of that are….well…

Let’s just say that there’s a better chance of me fitting into a pair of my pre-baby jeans than that happening again

Which is a good thing

‘Cause as you can see by the pics

There was merriment aplenty

I mean, check mum out

2 different nights

Same hysterical face

Although none of us can seem to remember what the fuck was so funny

Cactus even offered to make the trip to Rockhampton on Saturday for the last show

To celebrate my birthday with me

And while I love her more than my laptop

My liver politely told her, to go fuck herself


  1. What a brave woman cactus sounds like for 3 reasons:
    1. She doesn’t take shit from your old man.
    2. She works with the wiggles and it doesn’t LOOK like she’s lost her mind
    3. She is actually willing to come to Rockhampton when most sane people are trying to get out of here.

    Mind you, you and Kevvy are still coming here, even after the Akmal Saleh incident so we can’t be TOO bad!

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