child labour

I mentioned a while back on twitter that Diamond had come to the conclusion that our kitchen was too small

So he went and knocked the fucking wall out

Problem solved?

Yeah, that’d be a NO

I mean, technically it DID make the kitchen bigger

But now it had that exposed beam, insulation, dusting inhaling, half demolished look

Which I’ve never been much a fan of

So I was all, soooo, when do you think you might want to PUT THE FUCKING KITCHEN BACK TOGETHER?

OK, so I might have actually said it like that on the inside

On the outside, it sounded more like, wow babe, you’ve started already. Can’t wait to see how it turns out

And Diamond’s all, well you’re leaving soon, so it’s going to have to stay like that for a while. I can’t do it when you’re gone – I need someone to help me

And oh, how I love to help by yelling out instructions from the comfort of the couch

In all fairness though, my tradesman’s crack IS pretty impressive

It’s eerily similar to this one if you added 10 years and 30 pounds to it

I’m pretty sure that’s why he likes having me around


I think he must have just remembered that it’s my birthday this weekend

And although I won’t be home until after, he’s worked out what would REALLY make a great gift

He’s always maintained that I’m really easy to buy for

Of course I am

How easy is it to shop for crotchless undies, fury steering wheel covers & gold leaf earings?

Who says I need to LIKE what I get?

Anyhooo anyhooo

He sent me thru some pics

And I seriously did big snorts and had sprite come out my nose when I saw them

(FYI sprite out the nose BURNS like a mofo)

He’s got the KIDS helping him

Measuring, up on the ladders

Miss 6 looks like she’s right at home

Enjoying herself even

Miss 4 again proves that she’s mine, all mine

With a face like a busted arsehole sour puss

Looking very unamused at being forced into child labour

I almost for bad for them

But if it means getting my kitchen put back together?

Then they need to suck it the fuck up

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