it’s beginning to look a lot like…..wait, not yet.

I don’t really have a favourite season
But I do know what it isn’t

And that’d be fall
The time of year where it get’s cooler
But not cold enough to wear big puffy coats and gloves and scarves, which I love
It’s more ‘in between’
My clothes and I can’t make a decision and we start off most mornings arguing and confused
Then all the leaves fall off everything, everywhere and now it looks dead
Good times

I am the only one in this house that doesn’t love this time of year
Diamond and the girls are ALL about fall
Mainly because of Halloween, which is totally fall’s saving grace
Halloween I do like

I like the pumpkin carving (in a supervisor’s capacity of course, otherwise ugh….pumpkin guts is grody)
I like going to the pumpkin patch
Halloween parties are always fun
And who can beat brawling with the neighbours?

Even though I’m more of a Christmas kid, I’m trying to get my giddyup going, as Diamond brings all the Halloween decorations up from the basement today
The bag of Halloween candy that I demolished for breakfast is my fuel

For someone that doesn’t ‘like’ American chocolate
I do a mean impersonation of someone that loves the shit out of itphoto_1
It’s the polite thing to do
And I am nothing if not fucking polite


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