So, when I was unpacking my suitcase from last year’s UK/Ireland Tour

No it wasn’t last week.
Who would leave a suitcase in a closet for 6 months without unpacking it??

When I WAS unpacking it, whenever that may have been
I found a F.O.C.U.S. CREW sweatshirt
It wasn’t mine, ’cause I was WEARING mine
This was a brand new, still in the bag (size large) one

I was like, well…I gave all the tour crew THEIRS
Mum and Dad have one, Diamond has one

I only ordered enough to cover that many people

The only conclusion I could come up with, besides the fact that I obviously can’t count
Is that…..I have an EXTRA one!

And Imma give YOU GUYS a chance to win it!
(and I’ll throw in a signed copy of the F.O.C.U.S. cd too)

All you have to do, is SHARE the video for F.O.C.U.S.
On YouTube, Facebook, Twitter….wherever you’re at
Just share the link, or post it on your page

Here’s the link for you to just copy and paste

Be sure to TAG me in your post, so I know you’ve shared the video!

I’ll pick a random winner next MONDAY, 20th MAY

Every time you SHARE the video, it will count as ONE entry
You can enter AS MANY TIMES as you LIKE!!



  1. My friends are gonna get sick of me posting this but I don’t care for 3 very good reasons

    1) I love this song
    2) I REALLY want that sweatshirt & cd
    3) if they don’t like it then f.o.c.u.s!


  2. I would share, but I’ve shared that many times already I think I may be reported and sectioned if I shared again. Then I might miss your next tour. Although if I won I would at least have something to keep me warm as I rock myself to sleep at night.

  3. seen you in portsmouth uk a few times , jenny signed a cd for me , now in aldinga adelaide with no tour dates as yet . so a shirt would be great

  4. Sorry we missed your show at CHPRSL. Love this song your Dad had better watch out this is nearly as good as DILLIGAF. Very close second

  5. All done Jen, it was a cracking night in Plymouth UK. I would love a jacket. I’ve got most of your CDs and your dads with most of them signed. You are both fucking legends xxx

  6. Shared the video this is such a funny song and a brilliant video to go with it, i have used FOCUS quite a lot and so have my parents, i saw you in Swansea last year i hope you come back to the UK, i would love to see you again

  7. Legendary! My buddy has been telling me to find a project to focus on… I don’t think winning a naughty sweater and cd is what he had in mind but fuck ‘im, it’s kept me busy!

  8. Jenny it was great seeing you both in reading and seeing you both in St. Albans, i would love to have the hoody and CD, just i can keep saying the my line manager F.O.C.U.S. which i have said many times to him before but now i can just say ‘read this’ 🙂 when are you coming back over to the UK again


  9. Love to win this then I would parade around in front of uncle terry and he would never know where I got it from although getting the better of him it’s bloody hard cheers Jen…..shared

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