hooly dooly hexham…. cheers charlestown!

And we’re OFF!
It’s doesn’t get any better than starting a tour off with a week’s worth of SOLD OUT shows, so yeah….so far, so fucking awesomely good!
I got to break in my brand new guitar (sooo good) AND my new wavy curling iron gadget that I decided to try out on this trip
‘Cause who doesn’t love 80’s hair?

You guys probably recognise Glenn
We see him every time we come to Sydney
It’s always great to see familiar faces, and I loved that he came out for the first night of the tour in Hexham
Turns out, it doesn’t matter what I do with my hair….I will always end up looking like a drowned rat after my set
In the words of Magoo, “You sure sweat a lot for a girl Mum, but at least you don’t smell”
And Macaroni, “Those people must REALLY like you if they put their arms around you for a  photo when you’re all wet and gross”
Again, thanks?
But if it bothered the peeps in Hexham, they were nice enough to not say anything
Even if they WERE thinking it
There’s no such thing as a bad time in Hexham, and they proved that again on Tuesday night. Love that place.

Now in Charlestown….they like it loud
It may have been a Wednesday night show – but this crew were partying like it was a weekend. A long weekend
Tonnes of awesome characters, who weren’t adverse to showing some skin
Lots of boobs for Dad to sign. His TIT CAM is already getting a work out on this tour. There’ll no doubt be a lot of new additions to the GALLERY by the end of this first week
Me? I’m seeing my fair share of ball heads and bellies too
Because while DAD may be prepare to sign the girl’s bits, I’m a fan of all the boys keeping their pants ON
Plus there’s not a marker out there small enough to sign some of the junk that’s been flashed at me over the years
PLUS plus, I’m a one-penis kinda gal.
Imma try to post every day while we’re out here on the road
Bring you guys along on this crazy few weeks
I mean, maybe it won’t ALL be crazy….maybe it’s just this first week
But I doubt it.


  1. your show was a crackup at Panthers ( The Riff) last night. Thought you were signing your name on my bald head but what you wrote on it was a hit with the punters at Panthers. ( I love Penis ) well done Talia. Loved it. Didn’t even get kicked out walking around the club with it written on my head. Keep up the good work. Hope you were able to stitch up your busted pants.

    1. Cheers John, and thanks for being a good sport
      Although I guess you wouldn’t be at a Kev/Jenny show, if your sense of humour wasn’t fully intact!!
      See you next time 🙂

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