dear jenny

Dear Jenny
I think you’re great but I think you shouldn’t swear so much
I think that your hair is really cool but I think would look better really short
I would really like to see you on TV and I think that you should go on Dancing with the Stars or something
I think you would lose so much weight if you did that.
Jodie (from Tasmania)


Hi Jodie
Thanks for writing
I ‘think’ I’m glad you (kinda?) like my hair
Sorry about the swearing, it’s not on purpose…I don’t ‘think’?  It’s just fucking hard not to, you know?
Dancing with the Stars? I ‘think’ you might need to lay off the crack pipe
Give my love to your brother/cousin/husband Tasmania!



  1. I think …
    we would all like to see

    some jennytalia

    but maybe not on TV : )

    PS yes I confirm I am not a spammer, or a troll

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