Upcoming Tour Dates


Date City Venue Country
Tour: Special Guest for the KEVIN BLOODY WILSON ‘First of the Final Farewell’ Tours (perhaps) WA 2015
Friday, Mar 6th, 2015 JennyTalia.com in ALBANY ALBANY ENTERTAINMENT CENTRE AU
Time: 8:00pm. Box office: 08 9844 5005. Address: 2 Toll Place. Venue phone: 08 9844 5005. Buy tickets
Saturday, Mar 7th, 2015 JennyTalia.com in QUINDANNING QUINDANNING HOTEL AU
Time: 8:00pm. Box office: 08 9885 7053.. Address: 9197, Pinjarra Rd-Williams. Venue phone: 08 9885 7053.. Buy tickets
Monday, Mar 9th, 2015 JennyTalia.com in worldwide STAGEIT LIVESTREAM SHOW AU
Time: 6:30pm. Related post. Buy tickets
Tour: Special Guest for the KEVIN BLOODY WILSON ‘First of the Final Farewell’ Tours (perhaps) NSW 2015
Wednesday, Mar 11th, 2015 JennyTalia.com in HEXHAM Hexham Bowling Club AU
Time: 8:00pm. Box office: 02 4964 8079. Buy tickets
Thursday, Mar 12th, 2015 JennyTalia.com in PENRITH Penrith Panthers AU
Time: 8:00pm. Box office: 1800 061 991. Address: Mulgoa Road. Buy tickets
Friday, Mar 13th, 2015 JennyTalia.com in ROOTY HILL Rooty Hill RSL AU
Time: 8:00pm. Box office: (02) 9625 5500. Buy tickets
Saturday, Mar 14th, 2015 JennyTalia.com in DOYALSON Doyalson RSL Club AU
Time: 8:00pm. Box office: 02 4390 0622.. Address: Princess Hwy, Doyalson. Buy tickets
Tour: Special Guest for the KEVIN BLOODY WILSON ‘First of the Final Farewell’ Tours (perhaps) QLD 2015
Wednesday, Apr 29th, 2015 JennyTalia.com in CALOUNDRA Caloundra RSL, Sunshine Coast Function Centre AU
Time: 8:00pm. Box office: 07 5438 5800. Address: 19 West Terrace Caloundra, QUEENSLAND. Buy tickets
Thursday, Apr 30th, 2015 JennyTalia.com in Chermside South, QLD KEDRON WAVELL SERVICES CLUB AU
Time: 8:00pm. Box office: 07 3359 9122. Address: 375 Hamilton Road. Venue phone: 07 3359 9122. Buy tickets
Tour: Special Guest for the KEVIN BLOODY WILSON ‘First of the Final Farewell’ Tours (perhaps) NSW 2015
Friday, May 1st, 2015 JennyTalia.com in TWEED HEADS Twin Towns Services Club AU
Time: 8:00pm. Box office: 1800 014 014. Address: Wharf Street, Tweed Heads NSW 2485. Venue phone: +61 7 5536 2277. Buy tickets
Saturday, May 2nd, 2015 JennyTalia.com in BALLINA BALLINA RSL AU
Time: 8:00pm. Box office: 02 6686 2544. Address: 240 River Street.. Venue phone: 02 6686 2544. Buy tickets
Wednesday, May 6th, 2015 JennyTalia.com in KUNUNURRA HOTEL KUNUNURRA – outdoor stage AU
Time: 8:00pm. Box office: 1800 450 993. Address: 37 Messmate Way. Venue phone: 1800 450 993. JENNY TALIA solo show! Buy tickets
Thursday, May 7th, 2015 JennyTalia.com in KATHERINE Katherine Country Club AU
Time: 8:00pm. Box office: (08) 8972 1276. Address: 40 Pearce Street. JENNY TALIA solo show! Buy tickets
Friday, May 8th, 2015 JennyTalia.com in HUMPTY DOO *SOLO SHOW* Humpty Doo Hotel AU
Time: 8:00pm. Box office: (08) 8988 1372. Address: Arnhem Highway, Humtpy Doo Northern Territory, 0836. JENNY TALIA solo show! Buy tickets
Saturday, May 9th, 2015 JennyTalia.com in ALYANGULA, GROOTE EYLANDT *SOLO SHOW* Alyangula Recreation Club AU
Time: 8:00pm. Box office: 08 8987 6088. Address: Bougainvillea Drv, Groote Eylandt, NT 0801. JENNY TALIA solo show! Buy tickets

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186 thoughts on “Upcoming Tour Dates

  1. Hi Jenny,

    Are there any more plans for a UK tour? If so, would you be able to do a show at Teesside. We have a huge comedy club scene here in Middlesbrough and I think for you to perform would be the icing on the cake ‘so to speak’.

  2. Hi Jenny will you both be touring here in Brisbane if so when and where please loved your last show at Springwood xxxxx

  3. Hi Jen,
    Loved you at Hexham Bowling Club. Can you please ask your agent to pull their finger out and book you for a solo tour somewhere in Newcatle, Maitland or Sydney (I’d drive the 2.5 hours each way to see you!)… pretty please? I’m crying that there are no solo tour dates near me yet. My lil’ sis and I are desperate to see you solo! xo

  4. I have been hoping that you & your dad would be touring the U.S., Have been looking forward for you to venture over here. I used to be on the mailing list, however lately I haven’t been getting any info on when you’d be touring the states.

  5. hi jenny, when are you and kev coming back to christchurch nz ? would be good ta see yous one last time here…..” PERHAPS ” hint hint ….. cheers chris : )

  6. Hi Jenny will you be coming to Croydon Again this year we miss You :-)
    From Dan & Jeannine
    PS i hope Kip the Koala is well

  7. Any plans to come back to either Fairfield Halls or Dorkin Halls uk anytime soon. My Misses really misses you lol x

  8. im just wondering if/when your planning on coming to south Australia, one of my friends LOVES you and has seen you heaps and I love the videos on youtube.
    please come to south Australia, I don’t mind if I have to travel to Adelaide to see you, I just really want to lol

    • Just found out I will be doing my FIRST EVER ADELAIDE SOLO show 20th September!!! How excitementful!!
      Will have more details soon, and it will be on the tour dates page.
      Keep your eye out Nat….and spread the word…..FUCK YES!! :)

  9. H Jenny,

    Just wondered if you are doing a tour of the UK this year, i saw you and your dad last year at Colston Hall in Bristol, fab night it was too. If you can get a venue close to Gloucester that would be magic. I know your dad used Cheltenham Town Hall several times.

  10. Hi Jenny

    I have seen you a couple of times as a back up to your dad, including last year for his last ever UK tour. Hoping you are planning on returning yourself. Maybe Kevin can be your back up from now on?!

  11. Just to reiterate what many have said, please do another tour of the UK. I’m suffering withdrawal symptoms.
    And yeah your old man, the has been, could be a warm up for you :) x

  12. please please do another uk tour… Brighton in Sussex. I’ve recently been intoed by a friend to you and I think your a legend. I know that at lest 4 of us if not more would come see you if you came back to the uk. thank you for making me smile and lol every time I hear one of your songs

  13. Hey Jenny love your work Love ya dads to was wondering are the both of you coming to Adelaide together
    If so when would love to see you both in person

  14. Hi Jenny!

    We are from South Africa and saw you in Albany over December, was funny seeing your show first time with my husband and father in law, he he. I was laughing sooo much just from their reaction :) Loved it!

    Pls tell me again what the insult F.O.C.U.S meant, pls pls pls. Was to bussy drinking Ozzie beer and laughing to remember!

    And let us know when you tour South Africa!



  15. Hi Jenny, Been bragging heaps about the show you did on the NSW central Coast (The Doyalson RSL). Since then we have relocated to Devonport Tasmania. Would love to see you down here. Anything on the Horizon???

  16. we are you going to do a show in campbelltown nsw I saw your dad show there and loved it plz tour to campbelltown

  17. hi jenny loved the show last time you an kev came to cairns just wondering if theres another tour planned to come up here again anytime soon would love to see yas live again

  18. Hi lovey,

    Finally got the chance to see and meet you over at St Mary’s. Told the gals and they want a night off without their bastards to come and see your show. When are you coming back to Sydney? I need my FOCUS hit!

  19. Yay, you’re coming back to NZ!!! Just booked tickets for your first CHCH show. Can’t wait to see you and your dad again!

  20. Would love to see you touring England again and in particular this area i.e. Peterborough or Kings Lynn or Northampton or ideally all 3 then could see you 3 times!

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