a bonnie wee-kend

Where do I start?
Firstly, I love the shit out of Scotland, and this weekend has just reiterated that.
Two shows, Saturday in Glasgow, last night in Dunfermline
Both were, as they say here, “THE TITS!”
Meaning, fucking awesome. 

We were here back in February filming the Scotland episode for RHYTHMS & ROOTS TV. (You can read about that trip HERE and HERE)
While we were here, Dad recorded the episode song with the Red Hot Chilli Pipers. We thought it’d be a treat (especially for US) to get the boys to come out and play that episode song on stage with Dad at the Scotland shows.
A straight song, at a Kev show? Fuck it, let’s give it a crack.

We also decided to film that
So between rehearsals, two massive sold out shows, filming a DVD, and lots of men in kilts running around backstage…

…it’s been a full on, and fucking fabulous two days.

Standing ovation for Dad and the boys, both nights

The atmosphere was electric, goose-bumpy even.

I even got some Christmas shopping done!
Well, once I work out how to wrap up a Chilli Piper and send him home to Heiny, I’ll have one present sorted.

Scotland, thank you!


  1. You n your Popsicles..are just too awesome…..waiting with baited breathe for the vid/cd/youtube clip so I can share it to hell….love ya gutz….Shona’I been banned from facebook more times than Kev’Leigh

  2. Glad you had a great time in my home town,can’t wait for the dvd and can’t wait to see you both when you tour oz again,
    Safe travels for rest of your tour xxx

  3. Was at the Glasgow show and it was the fantastic. Pity it was KBW last UK tour (hope he’s a lying Bastart on that one) but Cant wait to see Jenny again. I remember the first Glasgow show when Kev started on the Builders song – me and a couple of others started cheering and singing along and he stopped and called us Cunts because it had not been released in the UK at that point – looks like we got caught listening to bookleg audio tapes (yes tapes) Make up for that by getting all his stuff from genuine suppliers.

      1. I may be old but my memory is still working and Kev stays in the memory – couldn’t shift him with a bulldozer – he that good – and must say nothing lived up to his high standards till you came along. What a family, Oz’s greatest export.

  4. Glad you enjoyed your visit to Glasgow and Dunfermline, my birthplace and residence now. Gutted I couldn’t be there(tickets were like gold dust) for Kev’s last visit. Will always have great memories of his previous shows here. Nothing like being sworn at by a loud, foul mouthed aussie.

  5. Glad you and you dad had a brilliant time in Scotland, I look forward to seeing the DVD of such a fantastic tour, I loved seeing the two of you in Swansea I haven’t laughed like that in ages, Thank you

  6. Glasgow was shit hot. totally gutted a wont get to see kev again. seen both of you twice now in motherwell 2 year ago but that was nothing compared to saturdays show. Best Comedian/Songwriter in the world in my opinion.

  7. Last nights gig in Dunfermline was AWESOME , nice to see the fruits of Kevs loins (balls) “Jenny Talia” taking over from dad “Kev”. TWO for the price of one, now that is comedy overload. Was even more happy to meet Kev for a few minutes backstage at the end, even though it was freezing at the stage door. But I have an amazing photo with the worlds number 1 foul mouthed musical genius comedian “KEV”, and also with the number 2 foul mouthed musical comedian “JENNY TALIA” not genius yet babes, you still have another 30 years to do lol 🙂

  8. Glad you had a great time in my hometown (Glasgow. I’m in Essex now ). Saw you in Southend and have to say you and your dad made me and my husband laugh so much. Keep up the good work. xxx

  9. The Dunfermline show!!! What a great night, sad it is Kev’s last UK tour but would like to wish him all the best. Already looking forward to your future visits to Bonnie Scotland 🙂 x

  10. Totally awesome Jen, my jaw is still aching from your show in Dunfermline, both you and yer auld fella rock, never mind Nigel, Kev n Jen—–F*******g Legends.

  11. Theee dunfermilne show was amaaaaaazin’. Was well worth the 200 mile drive. Cant wait til too see next year!! Wish I could have you my pic takeb but camera died!! Your FAB!! Good luck for the future!!! :’) x

  12. Hi Jenny, we traveled 300 miles to Glasgow on 03/11/2012 and want you to know it was the best night out ever, a fantastic atmosphere and you and your Dad made us feel so welcome, good luck in all you do and hope to see you again soon.

  13. Awesome show in Glasgow!! First one I’ve been to although have listened to Kev’s stuff for years, thought you were brilliant too though!! I’ve had 50 shades stuck in my head since Saturday!!

    Hope to see you again soon!!

    <3 xxx

  14. was at the Glasgow 1 last November u an kev were brilliant, great meeting u as well jeny looking 4ward 2 seeing uz again in Scotland 🙂 xx

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