jenny talia, please step up to the podium…

It was my last day of filming here in Scotland today

For those that don’t already know, CLICK HERE to see what we’ve been up to

Part of my day consisted of me getting a lesson in Highland Dancing because Dad thought it would be funny and obviously likes to fuck with me

Let me tell you, that shit is H-A-R-D

Like, boob bouncing huffing and puffing hard

It’s going to take me longer than I thought to make the Olympic squad

I may have quit after 7 minutes

You’ll get to see the footage of me jumping around like an epileptic mid seizure when the show comes out next year

In the meantime, just know

That I got OWNED by Jeanie, the 76 year old dance instructor

Even though her and Jennifer (the one in the tartan that is not me CAN dance) tried to go easy on me

But, but BUT!

I’m pretty sure they don’t give trophies out to dicktards who can’t dance

Fuck off, they DON’T!


  1. I used to live in Scotland and I never got any trophies after village dances….except the bruises on me arse….was I doing it wrong??!! Glad you enjoyed Haggis land, it’s a great place :0) xxx

  2. Sounds like you had a blast anyway! Can’t wait to see the footage of it! I’ll make sure I have a spare pair of undies handy when watching it lmao! x

      1. yeah probably should have, but then they could have given you one that said how awesome you are! Hmm next idea for my next pressie maybe! lol! x

    1. Oh GAWD Miss Jane!! I know I love the glitz and the tarty look – but I’d need more than 2 thermos lids and a bandaid (disguised as a ‘costume’) before you’d see me wiggling my bits on the telly!

      1. Your questionable ‘wiggly bits’ would be firm as an excited schoolboy at a strip joint when it was over…Go on…APPLY! I’d even vote! 😀

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