bonza (but blowy) blackpool

Good Lord you guys have some weather!
We got blown across the street walking uptown when we arrived. I reckon you might want to borrow Chicago’s title of ‘windy city’, ’cause fuck me dead if you don’t deserve it more.
I was walking backwards trying to go forwards! In the end I just gave up
But not before I got the shit beat out of me by a massive hail storm
I was starting to get concerned. The show being on a pier. An old, LONG pier, that sits out in the ocean. The raging, storming ocean.

I was doing the math. Old wooden pier + hurricane-ish weather + couple of thousand people. Equals oh my God we’re going to sink.
Then I had a joint it went calm
And turned beautiful.

Cars and buses were lined up bumper to bumper along the promenade to see the lights.
Took us 30 minutes to travel 1 mile to the gig

I guess we could have walked, But that would be like exercise, or whatever that thing’scalled when you move your legs and get puffed out.

The venue itself is lovely. Totally modernised inside.

Big, comfy dressing rooms. We made ourselves right at home. Note Dick in this pic? Mr, I’ll just put my feet up but won’t fall asleep, promise. 

He was out cold in under a minute!

And then the show. Well, we always knew it was going to be a big one.
Friday night party crowd? In Blackpool??


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