hit pic, october 12, twenty twelve

We’ve been getting lots of prezzies on this tour. Wine, chocolate, homemade signs and cards. I remember being pregnant with Macaroni on tour here, and having to take home TWO extra suitcases of baby gifts from all the lovely peeps here in the UK
Last night in Croydon, Jeanine gave Dad and I these cute Aussie stuffed animals, with our names embroided on them
Mine’s called Kip the Koala and I’m not sure what Dad’s going to call his
I mean, it has a Joey in it’s pouch, so it’s obviously a girl

Even though he’s given her a penis


  1. Went to Beck Theatre , Hayes on 12/10/12, Absolutely brilliant. Never seen you before but have been a fan of Kev since 2005. What an absolutely fantastic legacy he has left in his beautiful daughter to carry on into the 21st century. Love ya both xxx

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