50 SHADES….the clip!

I’m soooooo fucking drunk excited right now, you guys!

It’s here!!

It’s the most downloaded song from the new album, F.O.C.U.S.

And now….

Here’s the clip for….

 ’50 SHADES’


Feel free to share the shit out of it!!


    1. Wow…we’re showing our age now Paul!! This is not technically ‘singing’….more like moaning in tune. But it still kinda sounds like me. Glad you enjoyed it xx

  1. Damn – that wet wabbit – look what us guys have to compete with.

    And the only problem with that song is that I just spent half of it thinking about your bruised groin. Don’t tell Diamond.


  2. Jenny, you’re BRILLIANT!!! This is an absolute classic! Looking forward to catching up with you all in Plymouth, UK on the 20th.Oct and the following evening in Truro! Lots of the lovey dovey stuff to you and the family. xxx

  3. funny as fuck
    hope you gonna be in blackpool wi that funny bastard KBW got me tickets cant wait i get wed 7 days later and the missus thinks your fucking great

  4. i so so love this, was shopping in town with my mother earlier and had it stuck in my head humming away to it!! well done its great x

  5. Pissed myself laughing at you AGAIN!! No need for me to read the book now, I know all about it from your song! I used to think Kev was a legend in his own time, after hearing you years ago I reckon you both are! I couldn’t believe how down to earth you both are after meeting you both at Buderim Tavern in OZ last time you were there! Better cure for depression than Dr Phill too!

  6. I don’t know if you will find this interesting i thought you might because of the song, Britain is out of recession partly due to 50 Shades Of Grey not only is it because of women going out and buying the books but it’s because they are going out and buying toys to go with the book, i couldn’t stop laughing when i read this, i hope you find it funny as well

  7. Jenny saw you in Blackpool last night, both me and the wife enjoyed the song, Pity I am 21 with 42 years experiance. Keep up the good work and we will see you on your next tour. XXX

  8. Jenny, I’ve been a fan of your Dad for well over a decade….remember him proudly mentioning you 10 years back on the DILLIGAF tour here in the UK, you may have sung but I can’t recall…after listening to 50 shades…well I’m converted…we’ve got kids and grandkids living on the Gold Coast so although poms, part of us is now Aussie. Good on yer lass, you’re not only very funny but all woman too!

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