seven years of yes, she did really say that

This summer has seen Magoo grow more than an inch

Lose 2 teeth

Dive from the highest diving board

Read chapter books

Make her own lunch (if you count a honey, cucumber, jam, turkey & mustard sandwich as lunch)

Go to school all day

Be tall enough to ride all but 2 of the roller coasters at Cedar Point

And tonight when I tucked her six year old self into bed, she said she couldn’t wait until I came and lived with her in her house of cats when she grows up. Then she wrapped her arms around my neck and promised that she would always be my baby, even when she’s old and I’m really, really old… Katy Perry.

When she wakes up she’ll be 7 waaaaaahhhhh
She said going to have sweet dreams about the roller skates she asked Nanna & Poppy for and REALLY hoped they would match the purple like the bra she asked me and Diamond to get her… go under her Marilyn Monroe costume she wants me to make her for Halloween.

Happy birthday Mrs Magoo.
My funny, gorgeous girl.


  1. Wish that special girl of yours a very Happy Birthday from me! I have to say she is extremely lucky to have you as her mum! xx

  2. Thank God Diamond and your goodself believed in procreation – Another generation of naughty songs to come (I hope). Happy birthday to your cheeky kiddo and those pics of her on the roller skates wearing her purple bra and Marilyn outfit will be classic!

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