this week’s dear jenny

Usually, this segment features a letter that someone’s written to me, with me writing back some kind of smart-arsed comment, taking the piss.
The aim for me, is to make it entertaining for YOU. Lighten up your day a little maybe.
I’ll let you in on a secret, not all of the ‘Dear Jenny’ letters I get are funny

 “…I just wanted to send out a big thankyou to you even tho u dnt know it but u have helped me get out of a pretty bad place I’ve  been extremely unwell suffering depression and anxiety I even cut my wrists more then once because I didn’t want to live anymore but I knew I had to keep fighting so I grabbed ur DVD and played it over and over again and you gave me that smile and laugh that I just haven’t been able to do! You are an amazing women a real inspiration to me and others I’m sure u made me see that why worry what people think and just to get out there and enjoy life because it’s taken far too easily so thankyou from the bottom of my heart u r amazing and as I write I’m watching ur DVD that mind u is just about worn out because iv watched it so much!”

Sometimes it’s YOU guys, lightening up my day.
Thank you.



  1. That is such a nice letter! But what they say is so true especially about the part that your an inspiration, amazing and gorgeous woman! All us fans are very very lucky to know you. I wish that person who wrote the letter all the best x

  2. You see, you and dad are 21st century medicine people not just funny fuckers!
    If that person contacts you again please tell them that (I’am sure all would agree) they now have a new family though you and yours!

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