dear jenny

Hi Jenny, We came to see you and your Dad last in Truro, as it was my husband’s birthday, he says that it was the best birthday preasent for two reasons; one, because he wanted to see your dad (big fan) and secondly, I suffer with depression, he would like to say A BIG THANK YOU to you and your dad, he say that seeing you has made me look at myself differently and that I don’t take things to heart so much, and I have start to laugh again and that is down to you, so a BIG THANK YOU from both of us.
A & S

Wow, thank you.
Depression is a motherfucker, believe me, I know
I also know that while humour is hard to find when you a suffering, if you CAN manage to find it, laughter TRULY is an amazing medicine.
So glad you found your ‘happy’ again xx

Hi Jenny, Hope you and family are well? Thought you would like to know, you told me the best medicine is laughter, that is very true. Thanks for that advice, I have now got my life back on track. Have started my own cleaning business, if I start to feel down, I put one of your CDs on and I just start laughing, best medicine you can buy. Thanks xx

Well, after having quite the sucky day myself, your message just turned it around.
I’d say we’re even! xx

dear jenny

Dear Jenny
I think you’re great but I think you shouldn’t swear so much
I think that your hair is really cool but I think would look better really short
I would really like to see you on TV and I think that you should go on Dancing with the Stars or something
I think you would lose so much weight if you did that.
Jodie (from Tasmania)


Hi Jodie
Thanks for writing
I ‘think’ I’m glad you (kinda?) like my hair
Sorry about the swearing, it’s not on purpose…I don’t ‘think’?  It’s just fucking hard not to, you know?
Dancing with the Stars? I ‘think’ you might need to lay off the crack pipe
Give my love to your brother/cousin/husband Tasmania!