winners! winners! chicken dinners!

We have WINNERS!

The first winner of the JENNY TALIA CHRISTMAS PACK (DVD, poster, CD, tshirt)


The second winner is


Aaaannnnndddd because there were SO MANY entries – we picked 5 runner ups too!

These guys win a signed copy of the new DVD, WHO DARES GRINS

TERESA (New Zealand)

MICK FOWLER (Australia)


MIKE METCALFE (South Africa)


Giving prezzies is FUN!

And if you’re not already in the Christmas spirit – I have a couple of CHRISTMAS FUCK IT UP FRIDAYS coming your way. But not today. ‘Cause that would be on a FRIDAY and therefor imply I have my shit together. Yeah, nah.

In the meantime, let me re-share this oldie with you. Me and Daddio, doing what we do best


‘Tis the season!





  1. I didn’t win a prezzie but have one coming in the mail just the same – MERRY CHRISTMAS to me! I accept your dare and I will grin! 😀

  2. I was so happy to receive my signed Christmas pack the other day. Thank you for making this an even more exciting holiday season for me. xx

    1. You’re welcome Bo – I’m glad I’m not the only one that loves the shit out of Christmas….it really is the bestus!! Hope yours continues to be awesome xx

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