holiday snaps

You’ve probably seen some, if not all of these pics before

They make me laugh EVERY time I see them

Surely they were all taken in the days BEFORE digital cameras

Back when you took a pic, and had no idea how it turned out until you picked it up at the photo shop a week later

Because really, if you’d actually seen this shit with your own eyes first

You’d never SHOW it to anyone, right?



Someone’s a bit excited about the Besty Wetsy doll Santa might bring her this year



This would have absolutely have been my Christmas card this year, if my husband wasn’t such a kill joy. I’m married to the fun police.


Would you even let a dude that looked like this NEAR your kids…..let alone put them on his lap? Looks like he just got done brawling over a bottle of booze in a bag with the other homeless Santas.


If I had a son, he’d totally be the little shit in this pic





  1. I wouldn’t be a killjoy Jenny. I’d be happy to let the kids stay with Betty and I wouldn’t of insisted that you keep your clothes on. 🙂

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