Even after coming to New Zealand for more than 20 years

There’s still places Dad hasn’t been to

And tonight’s gig, Kaikoura is one of them

Such a gorgeous little town

With mountains on one side

And the ocean on the other

It’s a popular tourist destination for whale watching

And it makes for some spectacular scenery

It also makes for some pretty frigid weather

Which is the reason for these monstrosities, disguised as hats

The two of us walking down the main street with these on this afternoon

It looked like the ‘special’ bus had lost a couple of passengers

Even Mum wouldn’t walk with us

Whatever…our ears were way warmer than hers

Even with our smashing’ fashion

We didn’t scare the locals off

I don’t think you could fit one more person in this venue tonight

Beautiful town

Full of 100% lovely, genuine people

Well, it will be tomorrow

Once the village idiots leave town




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