daniel’s bad day

A quick brekky this morning before we left town

In a busy little hub of a cafe

When I sit down

I look over my menu at the table next to us

A young couple, who look kind of familiar

Actually, just the bloke does

I didn’t recognise the lady

And it took me a while for me to work out where I knew him from


It was Daniel

As in Daniel from last night’s show

Anyone at the show knows exactly who I’m talking about

Bucket mouth Daniel

Show us your tits Jenny, Daniel

Yelling out throughout my whole show Daniel

I love you Jenny, Daniel

Drunk as a mofo staggering to the toilet during the show Daniel

Marry me Jenny, Daniel

He looked over at our table this morning

And just about shit a brick

The colour drained from his face

“….Mornin’ Daniel!”

“…umm, yeah….hi”

Poor bastard was absolutely mortified

Sitting there with his girlfriend / wife and no doubt a monster hangover

So I left him alone

Until we left

And I stopped at his table and gave him a small piece of paper

“…you were amazing last night….call me..”

Nothing like starting your morning off being a complete bitch with a good belly laugh



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