wee stop

After flying on Buddy Holly Airlines on little planes

And I mean liitle

Like, don’t even have a flight attendant


Or a toilet!

Yep, THAT little

When I get off one of those flights

The first thing I look for is a bathroom

Because after 2 babies

My bladder doesn’t do as it’s told anymore

Especially after bumpy flights

That make you question if you actually landed

Or were shot down

At least it’s always easy to find a bathroom at an aiport

They’re usually clearly signed

But this one yesterday

SPOKE to me

Like it read my mind

And knew if I didn’t get in there fast

There’d be puddles

The toilet signage was inclusive too

Even the dude in the wheelchair looks about ready to pee his pants



  1. “Especially after bumpy flights. That make you question if you actually landed, or were shot down.” LMAO, just about wet my pants at that phrase, I know EXACTLY what you mean!

  2. Sounds like a Manx2 plane 😀
    11 seats, your flight attendant is the co-pilot (he gives out free sweets before takeoff), you can see straight out of the front of the plane, and if you’re more than 5’6″ tall, you sit in the aisle~

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