bahama mama

File this one under best trip ever

Diamond & I took 2 short flights to reach our destination

Short, as in he still whined like a baby, got bored & flattened the battery on his iPad playing Angry Birds

He’s THAT good at traveling

And the REAL reason I have noise canceling headphones

But once we arrive

He’s a whole new ball of wax

Excited, hyper

And ready to drink

That’s my boy

They decorated our room every day with flowers

Which were a beautiful touch

Now, if they could just tell my how to get the stains off my PJ’s

From laying, OK passing out, on floral decorated sheets

Every night, a different animal made from towels

You should’ve seen the mating kangaroo display they made us!

OK, that didn’t happen

Doesn’t mean I didn’t request it

Then there was plenty of this

That go make your head go fuzzy-fuck-weeeeee-I-can-dance-holy-shit-thud!

Or these

That make your pants go what-the-fuck-bitch-there-is-no-way-you-can-do-me-up-now-you-greedy-cow!

My days were spent here

Or to change it up, and possibly move closer to the bar

I would hang out here

Then there’s all the swimming, running on the beach, swimsuit pictures

I’ll post them soon

Sure I will.


  1. VERY NICE!!! Gotta’ love the ori-toweli…blue juice…calorie cocktails…lazy lounges…Pool ‘n VIEW! Hmmm…This destination should really be a PJ FREE ZONE! 😉

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