fancy schmancy

After the great banjo debacle

I arrived at the the hotel to find that

It’s fucking awesome

For anyone that’s been to Vegas

Think Caesar’s Palace

Times 10

This place is huge

And beautiful

And my shitty photos don’t do it justice at all

But it’s really amazing

It’s like it’s own city

With shops, casinos

And a bazillion restaurants

Very, very cool

And being a girl that’s more than comfy staying in a decent motel when on the road

This place feels very fancy schmancy

The staff are wonderful

But I gotta tell you

In South Africa in general

The people are ultra friendly

Very kind and welcoming

Even to yobbos like us!

And the kicker?

Starbucks in the hotel lobby

They’re going to have to drag my freckly arse out of this joint!


  1. Ha! Mental image of your bare freckled butt being hauled as you frantically clutch at several coffee cups now firmly etched in my head!

    Hope the bed bug bites are healing – REALLY wish I hadn’t read that one. Am now itching like crazy…

  2. Glad u like our country. We a bit spoiled out here but hey thats the way we like it! please enjoy ur stay and we will see u on sat. night.
    (try get out into a reasonable bush lodge whilst u here if u can.)

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