who made me

To all the ladies this mother’s day

Who made you a Mum?

My Mum & her brother & sisters made my Nanna a Mum

My Dad & his brothers & sisters made my other Nanna grey before her time a Mum too

Then my brother & I showed up & made my Mum a Mum (and her Mum a Nanna)


Then along came these two little ladies

They made me a Mum

Which in turn made me now able to cry at the stupidest shit – and wee a little every time I sneeze

They also made my Mum a Nanna

And my Nanna a Great Nanna

And fuck now I have a headache

Here’s to the most important job we’ll ever have ladies

The most frustrating – rewarding – pull your hair out – so proud you could burst – drive you crazy – laugh so hard – best thing you EVER did

Happy Mother’s Day to YOOOOOU!

Except if  you’re in the UK where it’s not technically Mother’s Day again until next March – so maybe you can just come back and read this again then. Thanks.

And Happy Mother’s Day to ME!





*Mother’s Day post from the archives*


  1. HAPPY MUM’s DAY, Jenster!!! It certainly is the BEST thing I have ever done too and the most rewarding job on the Planet. Happiest of Days to the “Mr. Mom’s” out there too…Have a GREAT DAY filled with BIG HUGS, Kisses and sticky hands! Jxxx

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