The Submarine that I told you about in this blog post

Was a German U-505

It is the only German Sub in the entire U.S.

That kind of doesn’t really seem like a big deal to me though

Why would there be an abundance of GERMAN Subs in America?


The Museum of Science & Industry has it on display

Here’s a great time lapse video of how they painstakingly got it there


You can go and look at the whole exhibit

And, if you want to, you can buy a ticket to actually go on board the sub

Now, there were about 12 people

5 of which were kids

On the tour we went on

And that boat was C-R-O-W-D-E-D!

The guide told us that when it was operational

It was home to 59 crew


And THEN, he tells us that the sailors would shower before getting on board

Then head off on a mission

And not take another shower until they got off

Usually more that ONE HUNDRED days later

Helloooo dick cheese!

In another bid to ignore all semblance of personal hygiene

On board they have what they referred to as ‘HOT RACKS’

Racks being their bunk beds

They were called HOT because there was always someone in them

The crew would rotate in 3 x 8 hours shifts

So when one bloke got up and out of his bunk

Another would fall right into it

It would still be warm from the previous fella


Can you imagine the gooey-jizz-dribble-stained sheets they were sleeping on?

‘Cause I’m pretty sure if they didn’t have showers on board

They didn’t have a laundry

No wonder they called those things PIG BOATS

But seriously

This particular boat has a fascinating story

I bought a great book about it

And have been boring the girls with it at bedtime

And I may even have told them that there were princesses in it so they would listen to me


A white lie at the most peeps

Maybe it’s because my Pop’s brother was on the HMAS Sydney

It’s got me interested


But I find these pieces of history so intriguing

You can read a great run down of this sub’s history HERE


Don’t worry though


I still enjoy a good fart joke


AND flower pictures


AND laughing at other people’s misfortune


I’m just an all round shiny example of cultural diversity aren’t I?

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