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Had such a great time doing the PODGE & RODGE show in Ireland yesterday

Will post the clip as soon as I get a copy

The hotel we stayed in was nice

And not just nice, nice

I’m talking TV in the shower NICE

Love it!

It’s one of those places where the beautiful people stay I reckon

Not sure how Dad & I snuck in

OK, that’s a lie

I just don’t know how DAD got in


My room even had a preloaded iPod in a docking station

Just an all-round fucking cool place to stay

Shame we weren’t there for longer

I think I got about 4 hours sleep

‘Cause we got there late, and had to leave at stupid o’clock this morning to catch our flight

I didn’t think I was going to get ANY sleep when I first saw this

What, you ask?


Right there on the bed

Yeah, THAT!

I was like, woah!

That’s for me?

OK, but I’ve never used one like that before

Does EVERYONE get one of these?

Wonder if Dad got one his room?

Not that he’d know how to use it

Pretty funky looking, no?

For a PHONE!


What did you guys think it was?

No, seriously, you’ve got a problem

It’s a PHONE people

OK, so maybe I was a little disappointed too


  1. Not everyone is as sharp as you are, Jen and some may be far more resourceful.

    Hope you washed your hand…and hair…and ear…and face…and…

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