pressies & chockies

Australians like to abbreviate things

Correction – Australian’s like to abbreviate EVERYTHING

Oh yeah, and we big fans of nick names to

I mean we DO speak English and all

But it’s definitely our bastardised own unique version



Your name’s Sharon?

Well then g’day Shazza




Hot chick



You get the idea


So when some friends came to the show last night bearing gifts

(L-R Josie, Sarah, hot comedian chicky babe me & Julie)

You might have said, thanks for the presents

I said, thanks for the pressies

And they brought chocolate

Boxes of the stuff

So I am now in chockie heaven (also spelt, choccy)


Then we caught up with an Australian friend of ours who lives over here

Steve Johnson

He’s a speedway rider

A pretty successful one too

He’s won the world championship

So he must be pretty fast right?


That’s why we call him SPEEDY

(in unrelated crap stuff – I was telling Speedy’s girlfriend that CAMEL TOE is about Polish women and their need to wear pants 2 sizes too small. Tanya is Russian – that’s not the same right?)


This is Anna

She makes clips to my songs and puts them up on youtube

She’s done it for some of Dad’s too

I met her a few years ago at a show here

And we’ve kept in touch since then

She’s engaged now to Kris

And I got to meet Kris’ mum Karin last night too

I just realised Anne  & Kris don’t have a nickname




Might have to have a think about it

While I plow thru the whole box nibble on my chockies

Remind me to book an extra seat for my arse for the trip home


Then there was this motley crew


They’re an Angling Club

And they’re all FUCKING MAD c-c-c-c-razy

They have this chant, where they yell, “KRACKATINNIEEEEEEEES”

And then they all join in together and scream, “OOOOOYYYYYY!

Funny bastards they were

Even if they did make my ears bleed


  1. Jenny, A great night! First time we had seen your performance and it was enjoyed by all. Yes we are fucking mad crazy – some more than others!!! BUT be warned………We will be back and next time we’ll be louder LOL!!!!!

  2. Jenny, As Kim has said it was a great night and we look forward to the next one, your show was enjoyed by each and everyone of us. Just one slight spelling mistake Jenny, KRACKATINNIES!!! HO!! spelt with a KKKKKKKK not a fuckin CCCC thats what begins what you can’t say in CCCCCANADA. LOL!!
    Please give Kev a big HI from us all and have a safe one.

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