16 hours in dublin

We met some fantastic people on Monday

It’s amazing just how much you can cram into a few hours

16 hours actually

When we landed in Ireland we got to meet Alli

Who works for Pat Egan, the tour promoter

She’s a total sweetheart

(‘scuse the deathly pale look – TV makeup is NOT my friend)


Our first stop was at the local radio station Dublin’s 98

We got to have a sing & a chat with Mike & Orlaith (pronounced ORLO)

Lightening quick visit – but long enough to have a good laugh


One of my fave people I got to meet was Nita, who’s a producer at RTE, the TV station

If I lived in Ireland, I’m pretty sure Nita would be my mate

She’s such a fun lady

This next one is for all the boys


And she was on the Rodge & Podge show too

As you can see, she’s quite unfortunate looking

Poor lass

She’s a glamour model & page 3 girl

I can’t understand why?

And she was funny and really nice too


She’s got a new calendar out that you can BUY HERE

Why would you want one though boys?

I mean, check her out

You’ve got to feel sorry for her, really


But if you want to talk cute

Or HOT even

Meet my newest mate Tom

He was our driver while we were there

And he’s completely LOVELY

And not just because he drives a brand, spanking new Mercedes

With heated backseats, that fold down

And a pop up computer table

No, that had nothing to do with it


  1. I think Nita would be my Mate too…it’s written in the smile. We could all have warm asses while hanging with Tom in his Mercedes and skype Claire on the pop-up computer table.

    Poor Claire in the underwear…sprayed-on Tan and Bottle Blonde hair…the Covergirl, she dreams to be is hidden on bloody page three. It must be hard to look like that…God, help her!

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