Miss 3 had a big week this week

First she finished her Kiddie Krayons Class and had a little mini graduation

With lots of hugs that she totally didn’t want

She’s so cute I could just eat her up sometimes 

As opposed to the other times that I could totally put her up for adoption


She had her dance recital 

Or as she called it, MY DANCE RECYCLE

She couldn’t sleep the night before ’cause she was soooo excited about her dance recycle

And the makeup and the nail polish

And getting to be on stage like mummy Hannah Montanna

With her big sister watching

No hugs this time

She totally slugged Miss 5 in the face after her last try

Just kisses

And flowers

It was a happy ending to a great day

That almost turned to shit didn’t go so well

After a dancer from the Chinese team tried get her with a choke hold before her big debut

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