park etiquette

So this one’s to the lady with the two arsehole kids at the park today

Normally I wouldn’t bother mentioning shit like this here

But I just found out that you read this blog – so this is for you

You know who you are

You go there every week

So do my kids

Sometimes with me

If I’m away my husband takes them

And every week your shithead sons follow my girls all over that place

Teasing them

Yelling at them

Generally being walking little billboards promoting the benefits of condom use

Well my husband may not want to get in your face ’cause your a woman and blah, blah, blah

But me?

I don’t give a fuck lady

Got nothing to loose ‘cept maybe a green card!

I personally think it’s a beautiful thing that my 5 year old daughter takes everything literally

So when she runs up to my husband for the umpteenth time to tell him that your son pushed her and threw sand at her

My husband says

Next time just knock him on his arse

And because your kid is a dip-shit

Of course there is a next time

And so what do we get?

YOUR kid – knocked on his arse!

And then you

You white trash, redneck, Springer watching, chain smoking HO

You decide NOW’s the time to start parenting

And you go to MY KID


And you make her cry

Well it’s a date lady

Next time I see your fat arse and your satan spawn at the park


And if I don’t see you at the park

No problem

I asked around

And now I know where you live

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