my little aussies

The weather is finally starting to fucking warm up getting nicer and nicer by the day in Chicago

It’s always really easy to spot my kids when the suns out

They always have hats on

Or as we say,

no hat?

no play!

Then Miss 3 rips the dog a new one ’cause she’s just noticed her dora hat is all chewed up

Nice work Fluffy

They have the swimsuits with the sun shirts

I think all my mates here think I’m a total wierdo a bit over the top with the sun protection gear for my kids

And the all over block out sunscreen that I reapply every few hours

But growing up in Australia, skin cancer is a huge issue

It’s the most common form of cancer there

So I’ve convinced the girls that they get to keep their beautiful skin forever if they take care of it now

And even though it takes WAY too long mummy! an extra five minutes to get them ready every time they want to swim

They’re total troopers about it

Because in their own words

It would totally suck to have wrinkly skin like yours mummy

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