the graduate

In australia kids start school at kindy – then move on to preschool

It’s the other way ’round here in the US

2 years of preschool, then on to kindergarten

So miss 5 graduated from preschool this year

She was most excited and insisted on having a ‘special’ hair-do for the occassion

So the night before saw me playing hairdresser

Twisting & spraying & then twisting and spraying shitloads some more

Then she slept in it

Then on the big day I took all the curlers & rollers & cement out

And shat myself

She looked like an alien

Who had been electrocuted


She loved it

I thought she was gonna have an epic spaz out knew she would

Fuzzorama baby

At least I didn’t have any trouble spotting her and her 70’s disco afro in the crowd

They even had, as she called them, ‘the real deal’ graduation caps that they had made themselves

It was a hot day

The ceremony was way too bloody long could have been a bit shorter

She was a trooper

And we know where she gets that from


** I know what you’re thinking and the answer is no,

She didn’t go to school in the middle east

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