bungee in auckland

Drove back to Auckland from Kerikeri

stuck behind some old fucker with a caravan the whole bloody way!

It was a pretty slow trip

the sight of the big needle got me to thinking

because they do bungee jumping right next to this tower which is opposite our hotel

I’m not sure if I have a death wish the balls to do a bungee

But they do  have this tandem ball with a seat for two people in it that they use like a sling shot

So that would be something I might do because I would have someone to catch my vomit hold hands with

Most of you are already aware that I’m a complete chicken shit woos, so this might be the way to go I reckon

I’m going to work on talking mum into doing it with me

Mainly because there’s no fucking way dad will do it  she’d be crazy dumb game enough to say yes


I hope she says yes


But the chicken shit sane part of me hopes she says no

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