backstage pass



A lot of people ask what goes on backstage before a show

I think they have visions of drinking, drugs and a lot of partying happening back there

Well wonder no more


Here’s some C-C-C-CRAZY snaps taken about 15 minutes before last night’s show

Other crew would be doing shots and running amuck

Not our boys

I give you…

hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil

And of course wank no evil on the end there





Oh yeah – Dad’s got new shoes

Work it baby

They look a lot better without the pants pulled up Dad

Trust me


He likes to shop

And leaves the tags on anything that’s new because he’s got serious problems so that people will ask him, Is that new?

Yep – quite the mental patient eccentric my dad



He also bought a new toiletry bag

Which is all nice and normal from the front

But check out the back people

There’s no fucking way this pretty shiny black MAKE UP bag with PERFECT written on it is supposed to be for a hetrosexual man




Is there something you’d like to share with the group Kevin?

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