kerikeri boo boo

What a beautiful place

A different kind of hotel than we usually stay in

With the most comfortable beds ever!

This was my little shack

Wish we could have stayed longer

If you’re ever in Kerikeri check out the WOODLANDS MOTEL 

It really is beautiful

I actually TWITTERED about it here

I said I’d love to get my husband to move somewhere like here

I had to go back and correct myself

Of COURSE I meant with ME

Yeah fucking right 






In unrelated news…

I’ve worked out that I’ve inherited my sense of ‘woosiness’ from my dad

A ‘woos’ is kind of like a wimp – which I am

Therefore I suffer from woosiness

Dad has a sore finger

A very sore finger

Not really a drama – but it’s THE finger

The one he says HI with

The one he says FUCK OFF with

It’s very important to him

He’s soldiering on with it though

But I think this example of him being a total crybaby medical emergency has taught us just how important this finger is to the whole touring operation





We need to get this little fucker finger insured!

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