how’s your day?

This is going to be my day:


It’s time to pull my finger out and get the new album written

Time to crank out all the notebooks that I scribble in throughout the year

All the shit I thought was fucking hilarious kinda funny at the time

And now??

Hmmmm….  I WISH! not too sure…

Any help is great appreciated

Song ideas




I’m sure I’ll be locked up by the end of the week fine…

One comment

  1. Oh Titties, once so fine, once so fine they blew his mind
    Hey Titties! Hey Titties! X2

    Oh Titties, ain’t it shitty men don’t understand
    Gravity defies these one time perky glands
    Oh Titties, ain’t so pretty draggin’ in the sand
    Oh don’t go South Titties
    Oh Titties don’t, titties don’t titties, don’t want stretchmarks Titties!

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